Key Staff Grant

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The Pixel fund has kindly helped Soul Soup with a grant to strengthen it work. Soul Soup is a charity set up to address the needs of young people who are at risk of having issues or have issues with their mental health. Our organisation supports young people and children who don’t engage with or have access to any other professional mental health support. Arranging counsellors and client’s availability for appointments is a time-consuming responsibility for our volunteers. This is not a good situation as it can be easily mixed up, and due to the sensitive nature of the service, confidentiality and data protection are vital. However, this is labour intensive and must be treated with the utmost of care, a part time coordinator worker is needed to ensure that the young people's information is stored securely and that counsellors are completing the relevant paper work as recommended by COSCA the governing body for mental health.

The co-ordinator will manage appointments, times and rooms. Counsellors will also have a main point of contact if the project manager was off or unavailable. Soul Soup is growing very quickly due to the demand of the number of young people who have no other support. If we have this in place it ensures client access to counselling, support drop in and activity sessions. It allows young people to continue to access the service in a professional and structured way, making sure at their time of need that they can receive the service that they need access to. We are so very grateful for the grant Pixel has given us to address this barrier.

On behalf of Soul Soup