Mind Infoline

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The Mind Infoline, is one of the key ways in which Mind provides high quality advice and information to people suffering from mental health problems, their family members, and those who care for them. 

It serves as a lifeline to thousands of people, providing them with confidential telephone, e-mail, text, and postal advice on a wide range of topics. Support ranges from queries on medication, signposting people to local Mind’s and other mental health services, accessing treatment, and understanding the self-help strategies that are open to them. Most importantly, Mind often provides help when no one else does.

Mind helped me see my positives, my strengths, and how I could take steps towards my future without it being as solitary and scary as I had first thought. They helped me turn my life around and learn how to manage my (now diagnosed) bipolar disorder. Without Mind, I wouldn't be the person I am today - dare I say even be here today.

We know that by answering someone’s call – we could be saving their life, but by missing it…

As demand for the service increases year on year, the challenge Mind faces is to maintain a high standard, whilst responding to as many enquiries as possible. The Pixel Fund are now in our fifth year of supporting the Mind Infoline and will be helping to achieve a 90% response rate and answer an all-time high of 77,000 enquiries in 2017/18.

On behalf of Mind