Whole School Approach

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Over half of adult mental health problems start by the age of 14, yet 75% of children are unable to access support and do not receive help when they need it. Shockingly, suicide is now the second biggest killer of young people.

As the leading mental health charity in England and Wales, Mind have an important part to play in addressing these issues, which is why we have developed our ‘Whole School Approach’ to mental health - a programme of work which will now offer support to children and young people in the most effective way possible – through schools.


Working initially in secondary schools and focusing primarily on prevention, with some activity around specialist and risk support, our ‘Whole School Approach’ works with pupils, teachers and parents to teach them how to look after themselves, and each other better. Through a tailored package of 1:1 support, workshops, assemblies, and resources, we will support with: workforce wellbeing, spotting the signs of poor mental health, information around family wellbeing, signposting to suitable and relevant services, and importantly, we will deliver targeted support to children with poor mental health.

In the 2019/20 academic year, we will work with 16 schools and aim to reach 30,240 people (1,890 per school) through this project. The Pixel Funds generous grant to Mind will help to directly support 455 pupils in one school, whilst helping to embed a structured and educated approach to supporting the mental health of an entire school community for years to come. By supporting this work, The Pixel Fund are also helping us in this fundamental milestone in Mind’s history, as we work to shape the future of a new generation.

On behalf of Mind