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Cerebral palsy is a lifelong condition that affects muscle control and movement. Everyday actions like walking and talking, sitting and swallowing can be affected. Bobath Scotland helps people with cerebral palsy and their families to live better every day. That might mean regular physiotherapy to keep tight limbs moving, or specialist input from a Bobath trained speech and language therapist to help a child learn to speak with their eyes and a computer. We cannot do this alone.


It is parents’ feedback that shines the greatest light on difference having cerebral palsy specialist therapy can make on a child’s life;

“The Bobath sessions have been of great benefit to Rory. He’s able to walk so well without his splints now, he now gets out of bed every morning and walks confidently through to my bedroom to see me. I am overjoyed!”

Therapy helps children to make the most of every day and develop their strengths. Ciaran is 7. He loves being active. During his last block of therapy at Bobath Scotland, Ciaran was working on his balance, posture and speech.


“I used to have to help him around the soft play, four weeks after his therapy he held his hand up and told me he was going around the soft play on his own. It’s given him confidence, shown him how to correct things on his own very easily, and given him greater strength in his body. All round he’s coping a lot better.” 

Making friends is something many disabled children tell us they find extremely difficult, especially if they are unable to participate. Being able to play games means that friends and confidence are found more easily.

This help wouldn’t be possible without the support of funders like the Pixel Fund. We are deeply grateful for the grants they have awarded to Bobath Scotland.

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