Application Checklist

Before contacting us please familiarise yourself with the information on the website to be sure that you are eligible to apply to the Pixel Fund. However, to make it easier, we’ve put together the following checklist, with short explanations of each question.

To apply to the Pixel Fund all of the following need to be true.

  1. Are you a registered charity, not an individual?
    We only grant to registered charities. We do not grant to individuals, limited companies, partnerships or community interest companies.

  2. Are you a charity registered in England & Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland?
    We only grant to organisations based in the UK.

  3. Is the project you are considering applying for in the UK?
    We do not grant to projects outside the UK.

  4. Is your organisation’s focus well-being and mental health?
    We do not grant to organisations whose primary focus is other than well-being and mental health.

  5. Is your client group or one of your main client groups children and young people under 26 years old?
    We will not grant to organisations which do not include this group.

  6. Does your charity have an annual income of less that £10m?
    At the Pixel Fund, we have a strong preference for granting to charities below this threshold.

  7. If you have an annual income of more than £1m, do you have fixed term limits for trustees?
    Most organisations have trustees that can be re-elected annually or every three years, but is there a limit after which they have to stand down (often six or nine years)? At the Pixel Fund, we have a sliding scale approach to this. In our view, as a charity approaches an annual income of £0.5m it needs to be actively considering fixed term limits, if it hasn’t already. Between £0.5 and £1.0m it needs to be actively implementing term limits. Beyond £1m we would expect fixed term limits and are less likely to grant to an organisation that does not have these.

  8. Do you have a considered approach to organisational risk?
    In other words, do you have a risk map, or equivalent?

  9. Can you supply us with recent accounts, on request?
    If your last published accounts ended more than 12 months ago, can you supply us with draft accounts?

  10. Can you explain your pension scheme arrangements?
    We are understandably wary of charities that still have Defined Benefit schemes and/or pension deficits.

    If you can answer these ten questions satisfactorily, please don’t hesitate to contact us.